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    Wed, 10 Jun 2015 11:15:43

    Track-By-Track: Tremonti 'Cauterize' -

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    Go behind-the-scenes of every song from Mark's second solo metal masterpiece.

    Tremonti just dropped his second full-length album, Cauterize [FRET 12], this week. It's everything that metal has needed, threading together that tight, technically taut thrash aesthetic of the classics, a searing polyrhythmic modern chug, and massive melodies that can be sung along to. The Creed and Alter Bridge guitar hero stepped up his game immensely across the board as did his band mates Garrett Whitlock [drums], Eric "Erock" Friedman [guitar], and Wolfgang Van Halen [bass]. It's as flawless as metal records come these days, and that's all there really is to it. Given its power, we sat down with Mark Tremonti to discuss all ten tracks in-depth for this exclusive Track-By-Track feature.

    Tremonti Cauterize Track-By-Track

    "Radical Change"

    "That was a song where the parts kept changing. They first changed all around that pre-chorus. We hit the pre-chorus, and we loved it. To me, it had a very European festival vibe. It's about somebody facing a huge change in his or her life and feeling the weight of the world. It's almost as if that individual lost a job and had to find a new direction or way in life. If you equate it to my life, it could be when Creed was breaking up, taking that step in a new direction, and having the weight of those decisions weighing on me."

    "Flying Monkeys"

    "That's probably one of my favorite riffs on the whole project. I wrote that riff a long time ago. It's funny. Garrett actually reminded me of it. He also reminded me to work on 'Wish You Well,' which is my favorite to play off the first album, All I Was. This time, he was like, 'What about that riff?' meaning 'Flying Monkeys.' Everyone was like, 'Yeah, we've got to turn that into a song.' I'd been playing it in soundcheck with Alter Bridge, and the guys would play along. Our drum tech Tony Adams loved it. He was like, 'Man, that reminds me of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz!' He'd always yell, 'Play that flying monkeys riff!' In my computer, I had it logged and named that way [Laughs]. By the time it was put together, there could be no other title for it. That's a song about somebody who just can't forgive and forget. It's someone who takes a grudge to the grave. They're tired of turning the other cheek. It's someone I don't want to be. I can be that way. It's a stubborn person who harbors that anger and resentment."


    "It was the first song we actually put together on the whole album. Right off the bat, there was the opening riff. We were trying to write the heavy stuff first. I think we wrote about eight heavy songs at the beginning. It's about a tyrannical leader. They're these guys you see on the news all the time. Once they're toppled, they're replaced by another one who's just as bad. It's the first person perspective of that individual singing to you. It's about someone with absolute power and how it corrupts."

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