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  • TV Personality Lisa Guerrero to Debut Mosaics at Jeanie Madsen Gallery

    Sat, 02 Oct 2010 11:37:54

    TV Personality Lisa Guerrero to Debut Mosaics at Jeanie Madsen Gallery  - Lisa Guerrero will debut her pop art mixed media mosaic series tonight at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica, and she tells ARTISTdirect.com editor and <i>Dolor</i> author Rick Florino all about it!

    Lisa Guerrero has been lighting up screens for a long time as a national TV reporter.

    She's the chief correspondent on Inside Edition's I-Squad, and she's been on everything from Monday Night Football to The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Her vibrant personality comes through in her artwork just as much as it does on screen though. On October 2nd, Lisa will publicly unveil her pop art mixed media mosaic series, "Kitchen Bitches" at the Jeanie Madsen Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. Each piece is a non-traditional, forward-looking perspective on diverse, strong, smart "women in the kitchen." Guerrero has made each mosaic 3D, adding real jewelry and props. These mosaics are unlike anything you've ever seen or touched…

    Lisa Guerrero say down for an exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor and Dolor author about her mosaics and so much more. If you're in L.A., check out her work tonight!

    Where did you get the idea to start creating the mosaics?

    I've been a graphic illustrator for awhile. I do illustrations that are pop art, and I'm really influenced by '70s images of Wonder Woman and Betty and Veronica. I have a pop art vision when it comes to my graphic illustrations. When I learned to do the art of mosaic a year-and-a-half ago, I thought, "I haven't seen too many artists who married pop art with mosaics." Most mosaics are very classic looking. They're bowls of fruit or the Italian countryside [Laughs]. When I started doing mosaics, I thought of the theme of women in the kitchen. I have this line called, "Kitchen Bitches." I myself am not a cook. The kitchen is a place where I open a bottle of wine and laugh with my friends or throw together a salad. I started thinking about how society has these images of women in the kitchen that are old-fashioned and stereotypical like the 1950s image of women barefoot and pregnant by the stove. That's very much not me. I started making these illustrations different ethnicities and types of women in the kitchen that aren't necessarily traditional. I began doing mosaics of African American, Asian and Latin women. I'm now working on an Indian woman. These women all have sassy things to say and they're not necessarily in the kitchen whipping up a gourmet meal. That's where the thought process began. The actual mosaics themselves are built as backsplashes so they can actually be installed in the kitchen. They're waterproof and sealed. You can actually put these in your kitchen, but most people hang them as art. I wanted to originally make a kitchen backsplash that was anything but traditional.

    Each piece is very vibrant and has a true depth of feel.

    They're three-dimensional, and they're actually holding wine glasses, bottles of beer or real kitchen utensils. They're also wearing real jewelry! They literally come off the wall. Since they're created mainly on glass and glazed ceramic, they really sparkle and come to life when the light hits them. It's fun to see people's reactions. Everyone is surprised they're wearing real jewelry.

    It's definitely the next step for the mosaic medium.

    It's industrial strength art, and people can actually touch them. I'm going to encourage my guests at the gallery to not just look at them but touch them. It's neat to be able to touch something like that.

    Do you listen to music when you're creating?

    I listen to music, and I usually have the news on mute. There's usually '70s classic rock playing. That's my thing. I love anything that's chick power rock, especially since the theme is "Kitchen Bitches." If I can throw on some old Heart, it empowers me somehow. I love The Rolling Stones, The Clash and anything that has some kind of power. When I was growing up, I wanted to be sportscaster, but because I'm a girl everybody said I couldn't. I like anything empowering. I wasn't so much into songs about dating boys [Laughs].

    —Rick Florino

    Have you seen Lisa's art?

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