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  • Waiting For You... With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #10 "The Album Cycle"

    Thu, 26 Jan 2012 16:00:27

    Waiting For You... With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #10 "The Album Cycle" - Exclusive blog from Valora singer Syd Duran…

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    ARTISTdirect.com is proud to present the ninth installment of our blog with Valora singer Syd Duran. Check it out below!

    In case you need it... Here's some background on Valora. They're the most kickass new hard rock band out there, and their debut album will be available in early 2012. Be sure to check out their latest single "I Waited For You" here for a proper introduction. The band's debut album I Waited For You will be out on April 3, 2012.

    "The Album Cycle" — Entry #10

    Since the glorious day of its completion, I've been anxiously awaiting the release of my debut album. Each morning when I open my eyes, I am filled with excitement and joy because April 3rd is just around the corner! It recently occurred to me that some of you are still in the dark about how this record came into existence. Many have expressed to me a love for the songs that are available to listen to and purchase online, but you have no idea what to expect while listening to the album in its entirety. Of course, I'm not going to give it all away, or tell you how the music should make you feel, but I will shed some light on the stories and people behind the making of Valora's debut album "I Waited For You."

    First you need to know, this record was not one of those six month projects where I was in a race against time to meet deadlines. To the contrary, time was on my side. I had a good year to co-write over 100 songs for the purpose of selecting the best 11 tracks that would be recorded for this album. Because Valora as you know it, (Syd, Taelor, Ryan, Jared, Kaz and Kenny) did not yet exist at the start of recording this album, I was privileged to collaborate with some of the best musicians, artists and songwriters. I had a lifetime of experience writing music in my room with my trusty Taylor guitar, but sharing my thoughts and ideas with strangers was a challenge that really helped me grow to my full potential as a songwriter.

    After the songs were written, I had in-person meetings with over a dozen brilliant music producers. With his charming, quirky personality and utmost understanding of my vision for this album, Grammy-nominated Johnny K was undeniably the perfect match. Johnny pushed me to explore regions of my voice that I didn't even know existed. The final product is drenched with tears, laughter, fear, success, rejection, empowerment and the musical expression of my passing thoughts as I stood alone in the vocal booth for an average of 8 hours a day. Together, we exposed what was really behind the music and lyrics of "I Waited For You."

    As I had predicted, the right time brought the missing pieces to the table. I met my lead guitarist Ryan, and shortly after was introduced to my drummer Jared. I still find it hard to believe that these San Diego natives turned out to be more dedicated and driven than so many prospective band mates from Los Angeles. Little did I know that the next three positions would be filled by people I had actually grown up with. I met Kaz (bass) way back when I was 16 years old. I got my first job at Starbucks Coffee where Kaz happened to be working. We were only acquaintances until we crossed paths again in a History class at Fullerton College. Before I knew it, we were the closest of friends. You know who else was always hanging out with Kaz and me? My sister, Taelor (keys/background vocals). The final and newest member of Valora is Kenny (rhythm guitar). As lame as it sounds, we were just kids who started talking on MySpace, met at a show in Ventura, and ended up having several mutual friends. It is an honor and dream come true to be on stage with my best friends performing music that I have poured my heart and soul into for years.

    —Syd Duran

    Did you enjoy this blog? Stay tuned for more from Syd...

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