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  • Waiting For You... With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #11: Valora "Made With Love" Contest Winner!

    Thu, 23 Feb 2012 08:54:41

    Waiting For You... With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #11: Valora "Made With Love" Contest Winner! -

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    ARTISTdirect.com is proud to present the eleventh installment of our blog with Valora singer Syd Duran. Check it out below!

    In case you need it... Here's some background on Valora. They're the most kickass new hard rock band out there, and their debut album will be available in early 2012. Be sure to check out their latest single "I Waited For You" here for a proper introduction. The band's debut album I Waited For You will be out on April 3, 2012.

    As I have mentioned in Blog entry #5: "First Time For Everything" http://bit.ly/wsV9KG I learned something pretty awesome back in Modesto at the Acoustic Christmas Show. Making something by hand, and giving it away to someone who already enjoys your music, creates a special bond between you and that person. I feel it has the power to turn a new fan into a lasting and devoted friend. This is when I had the idea to continue making Valora bracelets and giving them away at our shows. The demand for these bracelets surprised me when I announced I would be holding a contest to give some away.

    I am proud to announce the winner of the Valora "Made With Love" Contest. She is 23 year old L.A. Sea from Ann Arbor, Michigan. L.A. submitted a video that not only made me laugh, but inspired me to listen meticulously to every word in my current single "I Waited For You." Her video, whether it was intentional or not, opened up some greater meaning for me as I listened to my own lyrics that had been written years ago. It amazes me how the addition of a literal and visual aspect, combined with what I already know about the true inspiration of "I Waited For You", can really bring out new messages, as well as put a greater emphasis on my original interpretation of the song.

    According to L.A., it took 6 hours to assemble this video. Her work paid off, when the following week, I sent her a tweet asking which colors she would like her custom Valora bracelet to be. She replied "@valoramusic Awe!!! Thanks, Syd. Favorite colors are black and lime green. :)" I took great pleasure in making this bracelet just for her.

    As a new artist, I am still fascinated by the concept of having true, loving fans. I asked of L.A. when and why she became a Valora fan. She replied: "I became a fan the day Breaking Benjamin's 'Blow Me Away' featuring Valora became a single on Octane: Sirius XM Radio. I didnt recognize the female voice on the track, so while the song was playing, I ran to my laptop and looked it up. I found out it featured a band called Valora. I then looked you guys up and thought 'wow.... amazing :) .'" I was touched by her reply. It really makes me happy to hear that there are people out there who really care about music and the artists behind it. —Syd Duran

    Did you enjoy this blog? Stay tuned for more from Syd...

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    Watch Syd explain the story behind "I Waited For You" here!

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