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  • Waiting For You…With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #7 "2012"

    Fri, 30 Dec 2011 10:50:26

    Waiting For You…With Syd Duran of Valora: Entry #7 "2012" - The seventh blog from Syd Duran of Valora

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    ARTISTdirect.com is proud to present the seventh installment of our blog with Valora singer Syd Duran. Check it out below!

    In case you need it…Here's some background on Valora. They're the most kickass new hard rock band out there, and their debut album will be available in early 2012. Be sure to check out their latest single "I Waited For You" here for a proper introduction. The band's debut album I Waited For You will be out on April 3, 2012.

    "2012" — Entry #7

    2011 is just about over, and everyone is thinking about new year's resolutions. My little brother brought it to my attention that the world would be ending next December, so I shouldn't think of anything too long-term. I made two lists. The first was a list of things I've thought about doing, but never got around to; Things that would make me happy or fulfilled. The second list consisted of things I want to do before I die, in case we really are nearing the end of the world in 2012. I was going to share my lists with you as they are, but then I thought of something more exciting... I mashed them together and scrambled up the order, so you can try to determine which list they were originally on: "The Regular New Year's Resolution List" or "The Extreme Living Before I Die List".

    1. Give Kung Fu Movies A Chance: I've never understood what it is about guys and Kung Fu Movies. There is minimal dialogue, what seems to be the same fight scenes over and over again, and really intense music that never changes dynamic. However, I'd like to consider myself an open-minded person, and maybe even take Kung Fu class.

    2. Write A Song In A Foreign Language: When I was 11 years old, I performed a song half in English and half in Spanish. A lot of people thought I could speak both fluently, even though Spanish is still pretty foreign to me. Based on my heritage and knack for pronunciation, I will write and record a song entirely in Spanish.

    3. Take a Geography Class: After graduating from high school with high honors, I got through 2 semesters of college before inking a deal with Hollywood Records and leaving school. I don't know how geography slipped through the cracks, but it certainly did. I still get lost without my GPS.

    4. Relax When I Need To: 2011 has been the busiest I've ever been, and thank God, it's not going to slow down in the New Year. But, this past week while I was home sick in bed, I learned a valuable lesson. I AM ONLY HUMAN. I need to get more rest and relieve stress, just like anybody else. My dream relaxation night looks like this: Listen to the sexy sounds of Robin Thicke, while sipping merlot on a starlit balcony.

    5. Take My Family To Mexico To Visit Grandma: Family has always been the most important thing to me. I want to be there for my relatives, even the ones that are very far away.

    6. Write The Best Review Book On Chicken Tenders: Maybe it's not the healthiest choice, but I love chicken tenders. I want to write a review book (with photos) on chicken tenders in restaurants across the country. This one's for free: So far, The Elephant Bar has the best chicken tenders I have ever tried. Keeping with the Asian Fusion flavor of the restaurant, they are thinly sliced and lightly breaded, but TENDER.

    7. Spend An Afternoon With Jack White: This guy is one of my biggest musical influences. Whenever anyone asks me who I'd like to collaborate with in my lifetime, I always say "Jack White" first. If we wrote a duet and sang it together, that recording would be my most prized possession.

    8. Get New Running Shoes and Use Them: I used to run all the time; sometimes twice a day. I really need to get that regimen going again.

9. Visit Elementary Schools And Talk To Children About Pursuing Their Dreams: I wish I had someone come to my school when I was young, and give some encouraging word to help me get through the bullying and obstacles. I had a really hard time in grade school, and it did affect my self-esteem for a while. I'd like to help young people get through all of that by showing them how to set goals and focus on their dreams.

    10. Spend some time in New York City: I get so inspired by merely watching movies that take place in the Big Apple, and my favorite sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother," is based in New York. I think I would feel pretty at home there, and be able to come up with tons of great new music.

    —Syd Duran

    Did you enjoy this blog? Stay tuned for more from Syd...

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