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    Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:47:00

    Watch Shaun Boothe's "Child Soldier" Video - The Canadian rapper shares his viewpoint on children forced into service

    Go here to check out Shaun Boothe's video for "Child Soldier."

    The Toronto rapper, known for his critically acclaimed hip-hop "Biography Series," continues to push the limits of what to expect in a rap song with his new thought-provoking video. "Child Soldier" is Boothe's musical effort at giving a voice to the voiceless children across the world that are manipulated and physically "forced into the armed forces." That's no fun, and Boothe is shining a light on an important issue.

    Written well over a year ago, Boothe created the song after embarking on a nationwide human rights school tour. Inspired by everything he learned during that tour, he went home, researched more about the issues and did what he does best. He put it into a song.

    Since the Kony 2012 campaign, much has been discussed and debated in the media as of late with regards to this global issue. Who is to blame? Where is this happening? How do we stop this? Who should we support? However, amidst all the controversy, it's important we not forget what our real concerns should truly be: the children.

    Directed by Footage TV, and starring 10-year-old KJ, the song and video speak from the perspective of a child soldier. The purpose of this video is to raise awareness and provoke thought.

    Did it work for you? What did you think of the video? What is your stance/thoughts on this issue and how can you help spread the word for good?

    —Emily Blume

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