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We're living on planet 3-D, and it's a pretty cool place to be. It's going to be hard to imagine a world where big blockbuster films aren't in 3-D anymore, especially after everyone's visited Pandora in the groundbreaking Avatar. However, there are even more 3-D flicks on the horizon for 2010. Most notably is Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's take on Alice In Wonderland, which slides into theaters this March 5th 2010. What more could film fans want? The master of world-building, Burton, brings Lewis Carroll's timeless tale to the big screen like only he can, and Depp steps into the Mad Hatter's shiny shoes. It's one of those flicks you're going to have to buy the ticket and take the ride in theaters. Then there's Shrek Forever After and How to Train Your Dragon, which also both promise to be eye-popping and entrancing animated fun for the whole family.

So what about watching these new movies at home? They'll most definitely all be available on Blu Ray by Christmas 2010, and you're going to need the perfect gateway back to these worlds. The best thing is to grab a blu ray player now and a hi def television so you can enjoy all three dimensions in your favorite new movies from the comfort of your couch. Let's face it, there's no place like home—especially for 3-D.