Blockbuster or Bust: Music
Eminem - Relapse (5/19/09)

It's been nearly five years since the public got its last dose of Eminem with 2004's Encore. The intervening years saw the rapper battling rumors of drug dependency, obesity and—most frightening—irrelevance. Having seemingly shaken off the first two pitfalls, he's turned his attention towards battling the last with his newest release, Relapse. Certified kingpins and Aftermath compatriots 50 Cent and Dr. Dre are on board for the revamped Slim Shady show, and the enormous response to first single "Crack a Bottle" proved Em's name was still a potent draw for rap fiends.

Prediction: Marshall Mathers will have the faithful lined up for blocks to cop his new product, which will undoubtedly mean big numbers out of the gate. However, there's the outside chance that younger listeners will ...more

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