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    Wed, 20 Mar 2013 14:44:52

    Album Reviews: Metal by Newsted

    "Take my place leading the pack," snarls Jason Newsted on "King of the Underdogs".

    That's precisely what he does on his solo debut EP, Metal. The legendary former Metallica bassist thrashes with the best of them over the course of these four scorching salvos. He injects an unbridled ferocity into the riffs and bass on tracks like "Soldierhead"— while still carrying the kind of hooks that still register off the Richter Scale. The Bay Area hasn't been shaken to its core like this since 1987. "Godsnake" slithers with a pummeling groove, while "King of the Underdogs" stretches a notch past the six-minute mark without ever losing an ounce of intensity. Then, there's the epic closer "Skyscraper" which towers over heavy metal with impressive power.

    Few guys can do it like Newsted, and this isn't a rebirth for him. It's a rebirth for metal. With his forthcoming full-length album featuring Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, there's no limit to how much these gents will crush.

    Get your copy at NewstedHeavyMetal.com or iTunes.

    Rick Florino

    Have you heard Metal?

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