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    Black Out the Sun

    Wed, 20 Mar 2013 15:09:23

    Album Reviews: Black Out the Sun by Sevendust

    Sevendust never hold anything back.

    However, on their ninth studio album, Black Out the Sun, they go harder than ever before. In some ways, it's like they've transmuted the ferocity of their classic self-titled debut, Home, and Animosity into the sharp, succinct songwriting sensibility of Cold Day Memory. Be prepared to down a Molotov cocktail of razor sharp riffs, pounding rhythms, and soulful hooks.

    "Faithless" teeters between a bludgeoning groove and almost bluesy verses from vocalist Lajon Witherspoon before everything spirals out into a maddeningly heavy hook. Meanwhile, the guttural growls on "Till Death" make for one of the group's heaviest salvos ever. Morgan Rose's drumming pummels perfectly as the dual guitar assault of Clint Lowery and John Connolly volleys from vibrant to vicious on "The Mountain". Throughout Vinnie Hornsby bolts down a volatile bass groove that fortifies the heaviness. "Cold As War" rises from the wah-ed out effects Lowery and Connolly remain masters at into a soothing refrain. Then, there's the epic title track, which segues from clean strumming to a glorious elegaic hook.

    The beatdown subsides during the shimmering acoustic "Got a Feeling". It's one of the group's most poignant and poetic ruminations. However, everything gets amped back up again on the final one-two punch of "Murder Bar".

    Sevendust have made a landmark record in a career of landmark records, but they've still got even more to give.

    Rick Florino

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