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    Eat Your Face

    Mon, 12 Jul 2004 13:23:31

    Album Reviews: Eat Your Face by Guttermouth

    Like the take-no-prisoners NOFX before them, Guttermouth has made a career out of skewering the living hell out of everything in sight. And their latest missive, Eat Your Face keeps the PC-bashing party hopping. Whether they're trashing the Republicans and Democrats in "Party of 2" or fantasizing about killing whiny infants in "My Neighbor's Baby," Guttermouth wants there to be no confusion as to where they stand on the important issues of the day: Nowhere.

    There's also no mistaking this band's SoCal roots: There are as many lyrics on Eat Your Face about Orange County's lame dog beach or trendy hotspots like Duke's as there are about surf neophytes ("Surf's Up, Asshole!"), pretend punkers ("The Next Faux Mohican"), and all things lowbrow ("Toilet Stall Humor," "Hot Dog to the Head"). Of course, the usual rough downstrum of classic punk riffage is evident throughout, complemented by frontman Mark Adkins' textbook sneering, but these familiar elements are pulled off with panache, making Guttermouth a guilty pleasure for those who don't take themselves -- or their music -- too seriously.

    The only thing that stalls this barnburner is Adkins' fake English accent. Dude, you're from Huntington Beach; lose that thing and let your SoCal smartass shine. - Scott Thill, Morphizm.com

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