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    Old 97's:

    Drag It Up

    Tue, 20 Jul 2004 12:32:40

    Album Reviews: Drag It Up by Old 97's

    It's refreshing to hear a band so comfortable in its own skin. With their sixth full length, the Old 97's settle back into a loose groove. Drag It Up is the hangover after the power pop highs of their stellar previous efforts, Satellite Rides and Fight Songs. You wouldn't play their latest record at the party, but it's perfect for the Sunday afternoon clean-up.

    "Adelaide" provides their prettiest song to date and the high mark of this particular outing. "Won't Be Home" and "Friends Forever" deliver the rousing sing-a-longs we've come to expect from these Texas tunesmiths. "Moonlight" best exemplifies the breezy meander through the fields this disc turns out to be. There's still some rockers and a hootenanny or two on here, but it's the more sedate work that may keep it in your player. It's a simmering slow burn like a hazy summer day. There's nothing new under this sun, but it still feels good.

    This band has confidence enough in their melodies to let them breathe. It's a nice change of pace after the tightly wound sound of lead singer Rhett Miller's radio friendly solo outing, The Instigator. Drag It Up is a rewarding little love note for long-time fans of this fun band. - Jeff Kamin

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