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    Beneath... Between... Beyond

    Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:03:25

    Album Reviews: Beneath... Between... Beyond by Static-X

    On the cover of Static-X's Beneath, Between, Beyond, Wayne Static appears as a kindly troll mulling over a philosophical problem (perhaps, "why am I wearing house slippers?"), while the band's other three members glower catatonically in front of some sort of Jan-Saudek scrapheap. Welcome to second-string nü-metal, where the satanic ibex no longer roams the land, and song lyrics focus on an abstract hatred of ex-girlfriends.

    Beneath, Between, Beyond is a collection of outtakes, remixes and b-sides, and as with all such collections, devoted fans are the target market. The bait here includes two Shadow Zone rejects from 2003, the Paul Barker remix of "I'm with Stupid" and a pretty good cover of The Ramones' "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" (itself a revelation, as it suggests a secret history of nü-metal within the stuttering simplicity of New York punk).

    It's not a good sign for Static-X's growth as a band that this compilation's two standout tracks originally appeared on their debut album, Wisconsin Death Trip, before the Korn-copycatting had taken over. JB's Death Trance Mix of "Push It" bubbles and spits a lusty lava stream, while the demo of "Love Dump" suggests that melody may be the band's secret weapon, if they ever decide to use it again. - Mark Desrosiers

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