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    The Good Life:

    Album of the Year

    Mon, 09 Aug 2004 18:11:06

    Album Reviews: Album of the Year by The Good Life

    Half of any great album is what the listener brings to it. If I happened to be going through a break-up, this would be that album -- the dear old friend that commiserates with you and gets you through a tough time like a warm blanket.

    The Good Life's main man Tim Kasher, better-known for his other, harder-rocking band Cursive, paints a rather bleak picture of a failed relationship and its attendant sorrows. Songs like “You’re Not You” transport you to a Tom Waits-style dive bar where Wild Turkey is the drink of choice.

    Whatever musical style The Good Life attempt, they succeed effortlessly. But not all of those styles fit on this record. The opening title track, an upbeat song in the pop/folk vein of John Wesley Harding or Billy Bragg, sets a musical tone from the get-go that the rest of the album doesn’t follow. Lyrically and thematically, this is a very cohesive set, but at times the different musical styles make the album feel uneven and disjointed. Overall, however, it's a great record with many solid tracks. And while it’s not my “Album of the Year,” it definitely will be someone’s. - Doug Kamin

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