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    The Court & Spark:

    Witch Season

    Mon, 16 Aug 2004 13:52:35

    Album Reviews: Witch Season by The Court & Spark

    I test an album three ways before I review it: on my home stereo, often in the background, on my car stereo, often loudly, and on headphones. Very few albums I like are enjoyable in all three settings. Most, like The Court and Spark's admirable third album, Witch Season, are more suited to two of these three, but fall short in one of the tests.

    Witch Season sounds great on headphones and in the background of my home, but it's downright dangerous to play while operating a motor vehicle -- or any heavy machinery, for that matter. It's nap-tacular! In stark contrast to downtempo electronica bands, which seem to only fit well in urban settings, The Court & Spark create chill-out music for the countryside. But beware, this is not road trip music. You could easily fall asleep on your way to the campsite, so save this disc for the sunset canoe ride. The one exception is the transcendent "Out on the Water," which paddles faster.

    Witch Season flows over you like a warm breeze. Wake me when it's over. - Jeff Kamin

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