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    Steve Earle:

    Revolution Starts...Now

    Mon, 23 Aug 2004 14:14:08

    Album Reviews: Revolution Starts...Now by Steve Earle

    Love him or hate him, we're lucky to have artists like Steve Earle who aren't afraid to make a timely statement. The Revolution Starts Now is an old school protest album, recorded quickly to be released in this election year. For a political album, it's actually pretty entertaining, but lyrics aside, it isn't much of a step forward for Earle. Will anyone listen to this again after the election?

    "Condi, Condi" is the sole humorous note here, a silly sweet ode to Condoleeza Rice that echoes Iggy Pop's "Candy" as if covered by Jimmy Buffet. "F the CC" evokes the old hair metal bands who battled Tipper Gore and the P.R.M.C. The spoken word "Warrior" eerily conjures The Doors' "The End," but it's not much more listenable. "Home to Houston" delivers the best line of the set, as a soldier stationed in Basra says, "God get me back home to Houston alive and I won't drive a truck anymore."

    No matter your politics, there's a few decent tracks here, including a duet with Emmylou Harris, but it might have made a more lasting impression if Earle sang about baseball or women a little here, too. Earle's distinctive voice is starting to resemble Neil Diamond's and with this album he's got his "America." - Jeff Kamin

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