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    The Trash Can Sinatras:


    Tue, 31 Aug 2004 12:39:42

    Album Reviews: Weightlifting by The Trash Can Sinatras

    The missing link between The Smiths and Belle & Sebastian is Scotland’s Trash Can Sinatras. They released two of the best albums of the early '90s without any of the attention their gorgeous pop music deserved. Why good music isn’t played on the radio is far too big of topic to tackle here. But why they never receive the same amount of gushing press as The Smiths or Belle & Sebastian boils down to the band’s lack of image. To their credit, they aren’t pseudo-brooders like Morrissey, and they don’t have the precious, overly self-aware image of Belle & Sebastian.

    They’ve never been an ambitious band -- releasing only four albums in 14 years. But what they do have is four great albums under their belt. Unlike so many of their British colleagues (Radiohead, Coldplay), the vocals are not the centerpiece of the band. The band seems to gel on every song, and even though their songs are full of lush, orchestral moments, nothing gets drowned in the production. Their songs have an ethereal, effortless quality about them -- making the listener feel as laid back as the band apparently is.

    My only complaint is that the single and first track of the album, “Welcome Back,” is too generic and doesn't represent the rest of this fine release. - Doug Kamin

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