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    Viva Voce:

    The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

    Mon, 13 Sep 2004 14:29:25

    Album Reviews: The Heat Can Melt Your Brain by Viva Voce

    Some husbands and wives paint the bathroom or do jigsaw puzzles together. The Nashville-via-Portland husband and wife duo of Kevin and Anita Robinson produce, record and perform the entirety of their albums at home together. Their latest home brew is a quaint lo-fi psychedelic shoe-gazer of an album that utilizes a cornucopia of instruments. Their kitchen-sink approach to recording definitely gives the listener plenty to discover. You could make a fun game out of it. A theremin! A kazoo! Is he plucking a comb now?

    The Heat Can Melt Your Brain is on Minty Fresh Records -- an appropriate home seeing as how Viva Voce’s sound can be found somewhere between the angelic vocals of The Cardigans and the quirky ironic pop of Papas Fritas (both Minty Fresh artists). At other times, Viva Voce sounds like a more laidback version of The Pixies and My Bloody Valentine, but with a more electronic groove.

    As interesting as the album is, there really aren’t any standout tracks. “Mixtape = Love,” for example, though brilliantly titled, is too lethargic and ultimately unaffecting. I can already tell the album is a slow burn and I’ll probably appreciate it more with every listen, but I just don’t think the first listen will be strong enough to get people to come back for more. - Doug Kamin

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