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    Augie March:

    Strange Bird

    Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:04:48

    Album Reviews: Strange Bird by Augie March

    Strange Bird is just that, at times soaring high like an eagle ("This Train Will Be Taking No Prisoners") or gliding along as beautifully as a swan ("Little Wonder"). This Australian outfit offers a glimpse of its kaleidoscopic wonders on the opener, "The Vineyard," which seems to pay homage to the '60s tune "Seasons in the Sun."

    The most haunting of these fine feathered friends is "The Drowning Dream," which warbles its way into your subconscious deeper with each listen. My only complaint is with the album's few flightless dodos, which sound alike in their maudlin state. Why are so many good bands in their blue period these days?

    Augie March's Strange Bird falls into that category of listenable album. It's trustworthy and reliable to play all the way through, but mainly as background. It doesn't squawk in your face or chirp for attention. And that's okay. This is a solid effort from a very interesting band. The flourishes of horns and strings coupled with the choral like backing vocals are more feathers in Augie March's cap. If you're intrigued by The Decemberists, you should try this. You'd be hard pressed to hear more pretty birdsongs in the morning. - Jeff Kamin

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