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    Kasey Chambers:

    Wayward Angel

    Thu, 16 Sep 2004 17:42:05

    Album Reviews: Wayward Angel by Kasey Chambers

    Although still in her 20s, Australian Kasey Chambers possesses a knowing lyrical and vocal quality - present from a young age in many of America's greatest country artists - that makes her sound wise beyond her years. During the '90s, Chambers, as a member of the Dead Ringer Band, was the face of Australian New Country. Embarking on a solo career beginning with 2000’s The Captain, she's delved into more introspective material that explores a variety of folk and roots music beyond country. In the process, she's earned five ARIA awards, Australia's equivalent of the Grammy.

    Entering the Australian pop charts at #1, Chambers’ third album Wayward Angel marks the arrival of a bona fide superstar in her native land, and a singer/songwriter of remarkable depth and commercial potential in America. Wayward Angel finds Chambers moving deftly between heart-aching solo piano material like “Paper Aeroplane” and mid-tempo, full-band country rockers like “Stronger.” While she sings in a distinctively girlish voice, Chambers’ skillfully emotional delivery of sophisticated lyrics on personal issues ranging from family trauma to romantic love suggests that she can back up the impressive package. Wayward Angel will likely mark the emergence of Chambers as a minor star in American country music, one with significant crossover potential. - Cory O'Malley

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