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    MC Eiht:

    Veterans Day

    Tue, 28 Sep 2004 11:06:28

    Album Reviews: Veterans Day by MC Eiht

    The title of Veterans Day means that, after eight albums in ten years, MC Eiht now reserves the right to rhyme nonstop about his exploits, recalling a menacing world that his generation - the Greatest Generation, the Compton O.G. Class of 1989 - has created. In true military style, the beats all march by in stately fashion –augmented on occasion by the nostalgic keening of Bernie Worrell-style keybs. Eiht's flow is slow and deliberate, rumbling with gunfire and drive-by nostalgia, but the resulting emptiness can be a tad boring. At one point he even pauses to ask, "Is there any motherfuckers on the West Coast left?"

    The best bits are when Eiht quits flashing his battle scars and lets that proud weariness take him over, as on "We Made It '04" and "Streets Don't Love You." The worst moments are when he decides to drop verses around a metronome ("Gangsta Smash"), or scribble some High Times rhymes ("Back in Town").

    Call it a dose of 1989 nostalgia: just retrofit the subwoofers, check your shocks, and hit the road with this CD in the player. Shorties might look at you cross-eyed, and Mrs. Mimbock will shake her rolling pin out the window, but remember wherever Veterans Day be at, Eiht be kickin' the dough. - Mark Desrosiers

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