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    Album Reviews: Everything I've Got in My Pocket by Minnie Driver

    An actress wants to cross over into music. Choo-choo! You can just hear the train wreck coming. With most listeners going into it with such lackluster expectations, Minnie Driver's musical debut is sure to garner many “hey, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be” responses. And I’m here to report, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. This is a singer/songwriter’s album, not an actress turned pop starlet for a day. Ms. Driver wrote all her own songs – mediocre and derivative as they are.

    Minnie toes the line somewhere between country-tinged, heart-on-sleeve Gillian Welch and the modern pop-rock stylings of Dido and Aimee Mann. She doesn’t really deliver well on either style, but none of her eleven-track effort is unlistenable either. The only thing especially bad about the album is its title, Everything I’ve Got in My Pocket. Everything Minnie Driver has in her pocket? You mean her millions of dollars and her glamorous Hollywood life? You can’t give your album such a downhome, folksy name when you’re a famous actor. The standout track happens to be a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” - mainly because, well, it's Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart.”

    I think Minnie missed the boat. Where was this album during the Lilith Fair female singer/songwriter glut of the mid-'90s? Other than the handful of Minnie Driver devotees (there are some, right?), this album won’t find an audience. - Doug Kamin

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