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    The Blood Brothers:


    Wed, 13 Oct 2004 13:56:10

    Album Reviews: Crimes by The Blood Brothers

    This barely contained five piece’s 2000 debut (This Adultery Is Ripe) was a hardcore explosion of furious energy that bled into the follow-up March On Electric Children. United with Slipknot and Limp Bizkit producer Ross Robinson in 2003, The Blood Brothers’ energy was focused into their widely acclaimed third album, Burn Piano Island, Burn. Robinson put a somewhat slick sheen on this grimy, guttural sonic beast, and although the band established a newfound interest in slower tempos and something that resembled a groove, the album felt a little stiff.

    Crimes finds the band in a comfortable space between the unattended blasts or earlier work and the confines of Burn Piano Island, Burn. Comically high-pitched dual vocals, considerably groovy organ work, and the ever-present threat of sonic assault mesh in equal measure to make this album The Blood Brothers’ most effective effort yet. Recorded and produced in the band’s hometown of Seattle by John Goodmanson (who has worked with Sleater-Kinney and Blonde Redhead), this album captures the blues-inflected punk stride The Blood Brothers hit with their last album, while at the same time reasserting what unhinged energy and spontaneity this band is capable of.

    If you’re going to like The Blood Brothers, it’ll be because this band sounds like it could fall apart at any moment into multiple, simultaneous fits of aggression. It's that tenuous, Stooges-like stability that makes this a band to watch. - Cory O'Malley

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