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    Future Perfect

    Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:07:34

    Album Reviews: Future Perfect by Autolux

    This may be their debut album, but the members of Autolux are no neophytes to the indie rock scene. Previous projects include Failure, Maids of Gravity and Ednaswap. Autolux’s sound is best compared to the freeform sonic landscape created by Sonic Youth. Future Perfect is an album chocked full of distortion, feedback and offbeat tunings, but through it all, its experimentalism remains fairly accessible. Eugene Goreshter carries most of the vocal burden, but in the album’s finest moments, like the standout track "Sugarless," drummer Carla Azar chimes in with a line or two.

    As good as the album is, the production on the album is the real story. It was produced by T Bone Burnett, and he deserves to be considered the fourth member of the band. He has balanced the band’s avant-noise sound so deftly that even a pop song junkie like myself has been tricked into replaying six-minute songs full of guitar feedback.

    Autolux is receiving a good amount of attention, but I can only assume they’ll suffer the same cult-status-without-sales fate that their shoegazer predecessors My Bloody Valentine experienced. - Doug Kamin

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