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    Up All Night

    Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:33:18

    Album Reviews: Up All Night by Razorlight

    If you’ve heard any of Razorlight's self-aggrandizing publicity, you know that they believe they’re destined to take over the world. And you know what? They just might.

    Razorlight plays rock ‘n' roll music. Remember rock ‘n' roll? It’s fast, loud, raw and fueled by a booze-induced bravado. Let’s just get the quick and appropriate comparisons to the rock canon out of the way - Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones, Television, Iggy Pop, etc.

    With Johnny Borrell’s Jagger swagger and Lou Reed vocal stylings, he’s sure to grab all the attention. But this isn’t a singer and backing band; every member of Razorlight pulls his weight. Their songs are raw, powerful and inspiring, and nearly all of them are potential hit singles. It’s the kind of album that could make a teenager fall in love with rock music for the first time. “Rock 'n' Roll Lies,” “Up All Night,” “Rip It Up,” “Stumble and Fall" - the titles alone make up the set list for a night at a stadium rock show in 1975. “Vice” and “In the City” are reminiscent of the original rock shout anthem, Them’s “Gloria.”

    Some might say that Razorlight missed the rock revival of a few years ago, with bands like The Strokes, The Vines and The Libertines beating them to the punch. But I’d say that Razorlight is cockily and fashionably late. They know they have timeless rock classics on their hands, and they just waited for the bluffers to show their cards first. - Doug Kamin

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