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    Dogs Die in Hot Cars:

    Please Describe Yourself

    Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:56:44

    Album Reviews: Please Describe Yourself by Dogs Die in Hot Cars

    The grey skies of the U.K. have produced a downpour of mopey music over the past decade -- Radiohead, Coldplay, et al. So it's that much more refreshing to hear the sunny, upbeat Britpop of Dogs Die In Hot Cars. They bring us back to a time when the British Isles were teeming with talented bands ready to take over the music world with their ironic humor and inspiring pop tunes. Like their fellow Scotsmen The Proclaimers and Big Country, DDIHC employs anthemic vocals to spread their message. But with DDIHC, their message is one of absurdity.

    With lyrical references to Lucy Liu, Catherine Zeta Jones, “Paul Newman’s Eyes,” Charles de Gaulle, pilates and fruit, it’s apparent that this band doesn’t take itself too seriously. The first single and rousing opening track, “I Love You ‘Cause I Have To,” tells you everything you need to know about this band's love of XTC and the fun they had making this record. You'll have fun listening to it, too; in fact, Please Describe Yourself delivers more fun (in a compact 38 minutes) than any other album this year.

    With their catchy pop ditties and ironic lyrics, DDIHC is sure to draw comparisons to the Barenaked Ladies. Fair enough; who didn’t love the Barenaked Ladies' first album, Gordon, even though the band's subsequent mainstream success has cost them and that great debut much credibility? Unfortunately, I fear a similar fate for DDIHC. In a couple of years, this album and band may lose their luster, and I may be among those sheepishly admitting, “yeah, I loved that album, too.” But for now - I love this album. - Doug Kamin
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