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    Two Cow Garage:

    The Wall Against Our Back

    Thu, 18 Nov 2004 16:51:36

    Album Reviews: The Wall Against Our Back by Two Cow Garage

    What's in a name? That which we call Two Cow Garage by any other word would sound as sweet. Forgive them their youthful indiscretion. But relish in their old school country rock. They’re better than you’d imagine a band called Two Cow Garage would be. This early twenty- something trio play a style of music no longer being done by the former purveyors (Tweedy, Farrar, et al) of alt-country or whatever other lame name you’d apply to its ilk.

    It’s invigorating to play air guitar again when hearing The Wall Against Our Back. The band’s second album is belted out with the grit, grime and smell of the heartland. This is not your father’s country rock. There’s no pretense, no posing, just rocking. In the vein of Slobberbone (whose Brent Best produced) and The Drive-By Truckers, Two Cow Garage are led by the hoarse vocals and loud guitar of Micah Schnabel. The trio boasts another talent in the vocals of bassist Shane Sweeney, featured on “Saturday Night,” one of the album’s highlights. At 25, the oldest member of the band sounds positively middle-aged in a world-weary sense. It’s a classic sounding country ballad that Jerry Jeff Walker coulda crooned.

    You’ll find yourself happily singing along to “Burn in Hell” even if you don’t have a vindictive bone in your body. It’s a surprisingly upbeat little number for its lyrical sentiment. Barnburners like “My Concern” and “Alphabet City” solidify the all out rowdiness of this Ohio band. “Brand New July” puts the album to bed with a crescendo of an ending. - Jeff Kamin

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