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    Lindsay Lohan:


    Mon, 06 Dec 2004 18:30:27

    Album Reviews: Speak by Lindsay Lohan

    With Britney Spears playing housewife and Ashlee Simpson still reeling from Lipsync-gate, the teen pop landscape is ripe for new talent. Enter Lindsay Lohan, whose perfectly timed debut album Speak seems primed to make her the next... Hilary? Britney? Ashlee? Take your pick. In 11 scant tracks, Lohan tries to do it all.

    The good news is that nothing else on Speak sounds like the awful opening single "Rumors," with its Britney-soundalike vocals and woe-is-me lyrics about the horrors of superstardom. Though Lohan does make two other ill-advised stabs at dance-pop -- on the title track and the almost charmingly unfunky "To Know Your Name" -- her heart's obviously much more in the teen angst ballads, rockier numbers like "First," and soaring Dawson's Creek-friendly anthems like "Very Last Moment in Time."

    The rest of Speak is over-produced, anonymous pop-rock, most of which is the creation of producer/songwriter team John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi, a duo almost single-handedly responsible for all of the worst watered-down, radio-friendly female rock anthems of the past four years (Kelly Osbourne's "Shut Up," Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me," Sheryl Crow's "Steve McQueen"...the list goes on). To be fair, the aforementioned "First" and "Very Last Moment in Time" are Shanks/DioGuardi productions, and they're better TRL fodder than the derivative "Rumors." But an entire album's worth of their patented formula makes for a very generic listening experience, and one that leaves you wondering whether Lohan (who co-wrote only a few tunes and, despite the album cover art, plays no guitar here) really has any musical talent or is just a well-packaged product. - Andy Hermann

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