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    Sander Kleinenberg:

    This Is Everybody Too

    Thu, 09 Dec 2004 15:31:59

    Album Reviews: This Is Everybody Too by Sander Kleinenberg

    With his 2003 mix CD Everybody, Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg went on a mission to make dance music fun again, and largely succeeded, leaping to the forefront of a growing group of creative DJs (Layo & Bushwacka!, Tiga, Steve Lawler, James Zabiela, the list happily keeps growing) who are willing to sacrifice seamless mixing in favor of a wildly kinetic, genre-hopping style. Amazingly, he's actually topped himself on This is Everbody Too, an even more wildly entertaining joy ride through the latest and best sounds coming out of progressive house, trance, breaks and electro-tech. This is what a night at the club should sound like, but rarely does.

    Kleinenberg's mixing is as flawless as ever, but the emphasis here is more simply on solid track selection, an underrated skill in which the mad Dutchman has few rivals. Tossing all that nonsense about pacing out the window (maybe good for a club, but on a CD, who cares?), he fearlessly sprinkles trancey, peak hour tracks throughout both halves on this double CD set, bringing things to an early head with the excellent Greed is Evil Mix of Rowan Blades & Chris Lak's "Filth" and then somehow managing to top that with stellar tracks from Infusion, Psycatron, and Redanka.

    Of the set's two original Kleinenberg tracks, "The Fruit" is by far the best, an electro-funk workout that showcases the DJ's wacky sense of humor and ever-growing knack for hooks that virtually guarantee a dance floor frenzy. This is Everybody Too is further proof Sander Kleinenberg is the real cream of the Netherlands' DJ crop, no matter how many more records Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren may sell. - Andy Hermann

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