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    M. Ward:

    Transistor Radio

    Tue, 22 Feb 2005 09:26:02

    Album Reviews: Transistor Radio by M. Ward

    There is something not altogether there with M. Ward’s sophomore offering, Transistor Radio, yet it feels very in the moment. If a disc could have Zen to it, this one would. It also has an otherworldly quality to it.

    This very loose-sounding collection of songs and snippets of song often feels unfinished or incomplete, not necessarily in a bad way, but more like it's the sound of a brainstorm recorded. Some of the best brainstorms are “Hi-Fi” and “Four Hours in Washington.” Stylistically, Ward is all over the map, with honky tonk piano, country, surf and some bluesy guitar riffs. There are pretty little instrumentals like “You Still Believe in Me” and rowdy rave-ups like “Big Boat,” which benefits from the backing vocals of Jenny Lewis. “Radio Campaign” will warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

    Overall, an interesting, different, pleasant and fun listen for a lazy afternoon, Transistor Radio is not for everybody, but might be for you. - Jeff Kamin

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