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    In the Clear

    Tue, 01 Mar 2005 13:34:04

    Album Reviews: In the Clear by Ivy

    Ivy is the quintessential modern electronica band: a New York trio grounded by two pop tunesmiths (Adam Schlesinger and Andy Chase) and fronted by a breathy French lead singer (Dominique Durand). They deal with topics like lies, clandestine movements, and breaking free from the norm. Just add your own daily dramas and breathe it in.

    Ivy should be popular, but they’re not. Instead they’re cool. Cooler than you and me probably, but that’s okay. You'll get some instant indie cred for checking them out before they’re co-opted by a car company for a national ad campaign. Ivy provides a soundtrack to a head cold -- in a good way. You can lose yourself in the swirling melodies and dreamy vocals. As eminently listenable as Ivy is, their one downfall may be their innocuousness. In the Clear is light as a feather, but there’s not a lot here that’s stiff as a board. Some of the “notice me” tracks include “Thinking about You” and “I’ve Got You Memorized.”

    Ivy was before their time, but maybe now will benefit from the times catching up to them. In the Clear is the kind of album you can repeat in the background a few times in a row without getting annoyed. Their sound is so breezy and effortless it almost has a monotone hum to it. Ivy is the perfect white noise for today’s urbanites. - Jeff Kamin

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