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    Frankie J:

    The One

    Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:19:37

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    Album Reviews: The One by Frankie J

    “Don't Wanna Try," a single that wound up cracking the Top 20 in 2003, is probably responsible for allowing Frankie J. to bring in the likes of songwriters/producers Bryan-Michael Cox and Mario Winans, along with features from Baby Bash and Swisha House heavyweight Paul Wall, for follow-up The One. The singer continues to work closely with Happy Perez, but Cox's presence on not one but three tracks -- including “How to Deal," a clone of Usher's Cox-penned “Burn" in both sound and sentiment -- adds significant heft to his catalog. What's a Man to Do tended to falter whenever J. broke from his sweet, yearning (not whining) manner to adopt a tougher tone, but he smartly leaves the for Bash and Wall's guest spots here.

    The One is a step forward in every aspect. Lead single “Obsession (No Es Amor)" shot up to the Top 10 upon release, only solidifying J.'s mainstream presence. - Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

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