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    Album Reviews: Broken Social Scene (+Bonus EP) by Broken Social Scene

    Broken Social Scene is back with their best and most cohesive album to date. When last we found this Canadian collective, some of their cohorts and label mates (Stars, Feist, Metric) had not yet broken big. But now, when we hear the fiery Feist (Leslie Feist) vocals on the stunning standout, "7/4 (Shoreline)," you stand up and take notice. Throw in the lovely lush tones of Emily Haines (Metric) on "Swimmers" and suddenly Broken Social Scene seems ahead of its time, a home base of sorts for these successful offshoots.

    At times this self-titled album sounds a bit chaotic, but it gels well on repeated listens. Some songs lead into others and the album flows together with no one member stealing the spotlight for too long. It sounds like a lot of creative people playing off each other in a small room. It's maybe what our generation's Big Chill soundtrack would be like.

    Super groups are a funny thing. Maybe their combined security and power let the individual members let loose and try new things. Whatever the reason, we are the richer for it with this wonderfully eclectic batch of bombastic pop rockers and introspective instrumentals. Long live the collective. And look no further as to proof of Canada's musical dominance of late. - Jeff Kamin

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