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    Play N Skillz:


    Thu, 20 Oct 2005 15:17:08

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    Album Reviews: Process by Play N Skillz

    The debut album from Latino rappers Play N Skillz, The Process, is a crunked-out, Dirty South rap record. From partying to cultural appreciation, these rappers like to keep things simple. It is very apparent that they love life and life is one big party to them.

    In some ways this album could be viewed from two perspectives. On the one hand it is a Dirty South rap album that features Chamillionaire, Big Tuck, and Three 6 Mafia. In fact, the crunked-out "Where I’m From" is probably their best track. But besides being a Dirty South album, The Process tries to tap into the R&B love-driven genre of rap. On "Are You Still Alone" featuring Frankie J, Play & Skillz make their attempt at setting the mood. While Frankie J does an apt job on the hook, Play & Skillz seem better suited for the crunked style of music. However, if this dirty duo decides to want to make songs like this in the future, they should model all of them after "Freaks" featuring Adina Howard and Krayzie Bone. Sampling the often-used “Of Thoughts And Dreams” by the Dramatics, the rappers flow gracefully over the beat while Adina Howard adds a whole lot of sex appeal with her sultry voice on the hooks.

    While "Are You Still Alone" and "Where I’m From" provide the best examples of this duo doing crunk and R&B-driven rap, cuts of this quality are too far and few between. With any debut, there is always room for growth, and for this duo it is no different. With more attention placed on writing, concept development, and originality (lines such as "I ain't a player, I just crush a lot; If you kiss me, I will kiss you back," are less about paying homage and more about trying to be trendy), Play N Skillz could become a radio friendly duo. - Jason Kordich

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