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    Sing Sing and I

    Tue, 14 Feb 2006 17:48:23

    Album Reviews: Sing Sing and I by Sing-Sing

    You may not know that Sing-Sing is comprised half by Emma Anderson, former co-front-woman for Lush, a band that reached its commercial and critical apex over a decade ago. Even without that bit of information, it's hard to avoid the feeling that this band is searching for a niche in a pop music format that is quite a bit younger at heart than the musicians making the music. When Sing-Sing co-leader Lisa O'Neill sings, "I'm just a modern girl trying to get along in a modern world," you can almost sense the snickering post-modernists ready to pounce. The music on this, the band's sophomore effort, is middle-age-friendly, with its cloying melodies, canned beats, and dreamy guitars. Whatever sounded appealing and promising in the band's 2001 debut seems to be lost in a sea of mediocrity here.

    The overbearingly sugarcoated tone of the album more than occasionally makes for a hum-worthy tune -- but it's all so bland. Fans of Anderson's Lush will appreciate Sing-Sing's occasional aping of that band's form, particularly on the ethereal "I'm Going Out Tonight." But only so much reverb, spare arrangement, and lilting vocals can a listener take before realizing that there are simply no strong melodies -- and hence not much in the way of successful songs -- to be found here. -- Cory O'Malley

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