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    Album Reviews: Full of Elevating Pleasures by Boom Boom Satellites

    At their best -- namely, the track "Let It All Come Down" -- Boom Boom Satellites fuse the harmonies of gospel, danceable beats, and the type of soaring, spacey keyboard strains that have made so much house music feel life-affirming. What's noticeably different about the track, in comparison to the rest of Full of Elevating Pleasures, the Tokyo duo's fourth LP, is the soft strum of the acoustic guitar, which alleviates the overbearing energy of most of the other tracks here. Unfortunately, the track is not characteristic, and you're more often left with negative energy plus repetitive beats -- which just sounds like neurosis. In the hands of, say, The Prodigy, that's not such a bad thing. Here, it's a little uninspired.

    Although the Satellites take random stabs at everything from jungle to hip-hop, they do occasionally hit their target. "Spine," for example, is weird and glitchy, fusing new wave and downtempo for a sound that is reminiscent of a totally accessible Mouse on Mars. Most importantly, the track is upbeat and catchy, which most of this album doesn't even bother aiming for. Fans of the moodiest of elements found in Fatboy Slim or Propellerheads will find a little something to work with here, but it's a hit or miss proposition at best. - Cory O'Malley

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