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    Bubba Sparxxx:

    The Charm

    Tue, 04 Apr 2006 08:59:37

    Songs from This Album

    "Heat It Up"

    Album Reviews: The Charm by Bubba Sparxxx

    The straight country rapper known as Bubba Sparxxx is back with his third offering, The Charm. While Bubba has shown us from time to time that he can create a unique and infectiously catchy song (see "Ugly" and his current hit "Ms. New Booty"), The Charm strays away from the formula just long enough to make the album feel disjointed and Bubba completely out of place.

    The Charm begins with four really strong tracks. From the rugged "Represent" and Ying Yanged "Ms. New Booty" to the soulful "The Otherside" featuring Petey Pablo and Sleepy Brown, the themes of pimpin', partying, and southern life allow Bubba to remain in his element. It is on tracks like the "Gangsta's Paradise" influenced "That Man," the overly sentimental "Aint Life Grand" and "Run Away" that Bubba's desire to expand as an artist should remind listeners how limited his range really is. Picture Bubba on a pristinely white beach, waves splashing in the back ground, all while pouring out his heart, and you begin to get an idea of how out of place "Run Away" sounds in this set.

    The major problem with The Charm isn't the production, but the lyrics. On the opening track, Bubba has an absurd line that asserts that most people weren't feeling Biggie until he died. Even if that statement were true, which it isn't, there is no context for this line. He often seems to rhyme, as Chuck D would say, for the sake of riddling. The album picks up with the classically tuned Timbaland joint "Hey! (A Lil Gratitude)", but not enough to save it from suffering from a lack of focus. If the disc had been shorter or included more tracks on the variety of "Ms. New Booty," Bubba might have given us an album comparable to what other southern MCs are putting out; instead, the "Charm"-ing beginning fades away quickly into collage of unmemorable been-there, done-that tracks. -- Jason Kordich

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