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    How We Operate

    Tue, 02 May 2006 13:16:23

    Album Reviews: How We Operate by Gomez

    Gomez are back big time with their best since In Our Gun and one of their most solid albums as a whole, How We Operate. "I start trying to write the things that I like. And I started going back to where I've been before," proclaims "Notice," a disarming Trojan Horse of an opener. On first listen it seems an odd choice to kick off a new Gomez release, but with repeated spins you realize this is a band matured to the point of confidence in their craft.

    Ben Ottewell, Ian Ball, and Tom Gray share lead vocal duties, each with a distinctive style. But the final product never sounds hodge-podge or the work of too many cooks, rather a cohesive team encouraging all the players to bring their "A" game.

    There's not a wasted song or filler track. It's hard to pick a favorite with so many killer pop hooks lurking behind every bridge. With songs like "Girlshapedlovedrug," "Cry on Demand" and "Charley Patton Songs," Gomez stands apart from the latest British invasion. At their best, they fuse the perfect pop of The Beatles and bar blues of The Rolling Stones. Spring, you have your soundtrack. Enjoy. - Jeff Kamin

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