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    Luv Machine

    Mon, 22 May 2006 14:47:34

    Album Reviews: Luv Machine by Whitestarr

    Touted somewhat dubiously as the only band to have played Coachella without an album released, Whitestarr delivers a carefully delayed debut album that sounds like the product of a fully formed tribute band. The classic rock of Luv Machine is confident and full of well-worn chops that will always work somewhere on FM radio. Although the hooks, rhythms, and lyrical content are directly cribbed from the space where Aerosmith meets the softer side of Guns 'N Roses (particularly in ballads like "Sunshine Girl" and "Since"), there's a clever marketing scheme behind this band that positions it within the realm of indie rock.

    The album succeeds best (and has the best chance of cross promotion) when it mixes boogiefied '70s classic rock with vocalist Cisco Adler's post-slacker propensity for lazily drawled, Kid Rock white trash-isms, displayed here to perfection on "She's So Fly" and "Welcome to Malibu." If you want to relive those stories of your parents smoking pot and drinking beer from a can at some outdoor festival while listening to Skynyrd, this is as good a place as any to start. It will be interesting to see how this band plays to an alternative radio crowd, as Whitestarr may be the best example you've lately heard of "indie rock's" sustained evolution away from post-punk toward a conventional rock tradition. - Cory O'Malley

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