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    The Long Winters:

    Putting the Days to Bed

    Tue, 25 Jul 2006 09:13:17

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    Album Reviews: Putting the Days to Bed by The Long Winters

    Putting the Days to Bed is the third LP from Seattle's The Long Winters and one of the more exciting listens of the year. It has the vibrancy one longs for in an indie rock record without the glumness and retro sound which usually accompanies said product these days.

    John Roderick is the main man, sole constant member and lead guitarist/vocalist. He exuberantly sings lyrics that rival a good short story writer's prose. "Pushover" kicks it off by humbly telling us, his listeners, that he's smitten and will do anything for us. "Teaspoon" serves up a hearty dose of horn and hummability, while "Hindsight" is reflectively lovely. "The Sky Is Open" soars as high as anything here, with a punchy resplendent riff of guitar.

    "Ultimatum," from their previous EP of the same name, is reimagined here as a ballsy rocker, giving a new and improved life to a beautiful ballad. It's the highlight of this wonderful collection. We're still flying towards the disc's end with "Departure (It's A)" and the lovely coda, "Seven."

    The Long Winters play like they don't care what anyone else thinks of them. There's a confidence in their abandon. It's a reminder that it's not just okay to smile and have fun while rocking, it's actually preferable. - Jeff Kamin

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