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    Shine On

    Wed, 01 Nov 2006 14:31:15

    Album Reviews: Shine On by Jet

    The thing about Shine On that you have to understand right off the bat: It's not a bad record. I'm not saying you'll love it either, but there are no tracks that will have reaching for the fast forward as you moan, "this is absolutely horrible." Jet really seem to like The Beatles and AC/DC, and like Oasis before them, the results of this retro fandom output plays more like a tribute bar band and less like original recordings. Read on if you're just looking for some aural pleasure, even if it's only another slice of the same old.

    Here's the thing about the pleasure that Shine On provides: it feels best out of its element, those times when you are distracted enough not to really focus. Play it in as background music to a backyard party, as another CD to talk over on a long road trip, or the soundtrack to a night of drinking games. Songs like "Bring It On Back," "Stand Up," and "Holiday" have enough crunching guitar licks and screamed vocals to drape a false energy over their lyrics.

    On that note, Memo to Jet: Write about something. The band's best songs from their debut Get Born had a purpose. They were either asking "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" to an attractive female or calling another a "Cold Hard Bitch." Shine On, by comparison, is just a mess of halfway thought out ideas with no thesis. Sexual come-ons, political statements, unwarranted enthusiasm, and pronouncements of excess all jumbled together, even on the same tracks. They are thematically schizophrenic at best, vapidly pointless at worst.

    It's clear here that Jet did not set out to make history -- at least I hope not. What does come out of their sophomore effort is a very listenable album with no depth to make you want to care. Shine On is acceptable for the superficial listener, not so much for the lyric-posting MySpace crowd. - David Pessah, kNewIt06

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