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    Peter Bjorn and John:

    Writer's Block

    Thu, 08 Feb 2007 15:02:17

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    Album Reviews: Writer's Block by Peter Bjorn and John

    Months before Writer's Block landed in US record stores, subdued Swedish rockers Peter Bjorn and John had already worked music bloggers into a frenzy with their ‘60s pop-channeling tune "Young Folks." Employing buoyant bass lines, congas, bongos and an infectious whistle, the dreamy duet featuring The Concretes' Victoria Bergsman quickly became an indie anthem. Luckily the trio's third full-length—a lovely little album brimming with catchy indie pop—isn't outshined by the luster of its first single. The brooding "Up Against the Wall" is sure to win over listeners with its melodic guitar chords and gentle piano accents, while the fuzzy, noise-soaked "Start to Melt" and the ethereal "Roll the Credits" both contribute to the album's hypnotic grace. But it's on the lilting "Paris 2004," in which lead crooner Peter Morén recounts a languid morning of bed-lolling, half-eaten croissants and requited love, that PB&J's accomplishment is revealed: an ability to craft blissful tunes that resonate on the most intimate of levels. Like the two, dewy-eyed characters intone to each other in "Young Folks," listening (and listening and listening) to Writer's Block can cause everything else to just fade away. - James Jung

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