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    Light at the End of the World

    Tue, 29 May 2007 12:01:20

    Album Reviews: Light at the End of the World by Erasure

    Despite a recent tour and album that gave their greatest hits a campy, country-and-western makeover, the synth-pop duo Erasure have done virtually nothing to stray from their signature sound on their latest studio recording. Their formula remains distinct and appealing, even if it sounds remarkably dated, and it often seems as though instrumentalist Vince Clarke hasn't acquired any new musical equipment since 1991.

    Regardless of his gender, singer Andy Bell remains one of the finest divas in pop music, and his considerable vocal ability and over-the-top persona elevates the music beyond the realm of mere '80s nostalgia. Though none of the songs on Light at the End of the World comes close to reaching the giddy heights of their late-'80s heyday, cuts such as "Sucker for Love" and "I Could Fall in Love with You" overflow with energetic hooks and show that the duo are still capable of composing high-quality dance-pop tunes after more than two decades in the business.

    —Matthew Perpetua

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