What's a widget? A nifty little desktop tool for...well, almost anything.

In this case, we've created a widget that take your iTunes experience to the next level. Our iTunes Widget lets you navigate through your iTunes playlist and gives you quick access to album info, videos, downloads, similar artists, bios, as well as the latest music news.

How does it work?

It uses the current playlist in your iTunes application. The Widget will handle the rest!

What are the requirements?

1. Have iTunes running on your mac or pc.
2. Get the Yahoo! Widget Engine:
(if you don't have it installed)
Windows Install (11mb)
Max OS X Install (6.7mb)
3. Download the AD Widget, click on the ".widget" file and have fun! We hope you'll enjoy it!
note: The engine can be installed on both Mac's and PC's. The widget works on BOTH!


Imagine being able to take all your friends from your buddy lists and manage them all in one kick-ass messenger. Now take that rockin' app and add the fact that it delivers you & your buddies first-looks at ARTISTdirect songs, concerts & contests. That's the ARTISTdirect Experience Messenger.


ARTISTdirect Skins
Style-out your IM with official ARTISTdirect skins.

ARTISTdirect Links
Access artist videos and great deals on albums and merchandise with one click from your ARTISTdirect skins!

ARTISTdirect Contests
Keep checking back for exciting contests with great prizes including artist chats!

ARTISTdirect Community
With the Translator, you can talk to friends and meet ARTISTdirect fans around the world without having to worry about which language you speak!

Experience Messenger™ Features
Manage all your other buddy lists with one simple interface.

Connect with Other Messengers
Your friends are using AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ... no worries, this messenger can speak with them all.