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Who is ARTISTdirect?

ARTISTdirect, Inc. is a digital media entertainment company that is home to an online music network and, through its acquisition of MediaDefender, is a leader in anti-piracy solutions in the Internet piracy protection industry. The ARTISTdirect Network ( is a network of web-sites offering multi-media content, music news and information, communities organized around shared music interests, music-related specialty commerce and digital music services.

ARTISTdirect Shopping

The ARTISTdirect Shopping has the ultimate selection of music merchandise. Shop for your favorite music and merchandise by genre or artist. With easy pre-release advance orders, over 200,000 artist's titles in stock and special deals on new and classic music, why shop for your music or music collectibles anywhere else?

Music, Movies & Videos

The ARTISTdirect Network's Music & Movies/Videos areas offer you some of the best in digital music/video available anywhere. You will find the latest pop, rock, hip hop, alternative rock, and electronic downloads.

Media Player (music,samples,videos) Window Not Launching?

If you've been experiencing difficulty with the ARTISTdirect media player window, we'd like to help you. This is the window that will pop up if you click on a song, song sample or video link. The pop-up windows are called using javascript. We understand that for security reasons some users might have their javascript turned off. In order for the pop-ups to work, javascript is necessary. So, here are a few things that you can do to help determine where the problem might be:

• Ensure your browser has javascript enabled; this setting will vary per browser.

• Ensure that you have pop-up blockers turned off. Places where you might need to look for this, include: operating system settings, ad blocking software, browsers, security software(Norton, McAfee, etc...), firewall settings.

• Are you using ad blocking software, such as Ad-aware's Ad-Watch? If so, please use the following link to allow for pop-ups to work with Adaware:

Ad-aware's Ad-Watch - "How do I allow pop-ups?"

• Are you using Norton Internet Security 2005? You can use the following link for some guidance:

Norton/Symantec - "Enabling or disabling Ad Blocking and Pop-up Window Blocking"

• If you're still experiencing difficulty, please let us know by using our email us contact form.

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