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Alternative Rock / Modern Rock band from Agoura Hills, California. Formed in 1996.

Linkin Park are one of the most popular bands of the so called "nü-metal" movement, along with Limp Bizkit, Korn and several others. Their sound is a mish-mash of influences, from metal to alt.rock, from hip-hop to electronica and industrial. Linkin Park's debut album "[Hybrid_Theory]" was a multi-platinum smash worldwide, selling over 13 million copies, 8 million of them in the US alone. "Reanimation" is the correspondent remix album.

In fact, before Linkin Park's success, they had originally came up with the idea of naming the band Hybrid Theory. But this named would cause complication; Hybrid, a popular House music group, threatened to sue Hybrid Theory if the name was not changed. Without coming up with a name after that dispute, Chester Bennington had taken drive down a street one day, and saw a street sign with the area named "Lincoln Park". This got Chester Bennington thinking. Knowing that there are a lot of Lincoln Park's in the States, he decided to name the band after the name. Of course, by twisting the name, they created Linkin Park.

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