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All Music Guide Review

Vicor Music Corporation released Katawan (Body) in 1994, a compilation of songs recorded for the label by Hagibis in the late '70s and early '80s. Hagibis was formed as an answer to American singing group Village People, and Hagibis' music is similarly campy and overly dramatic, meant to provide enjoyment and smiles. Musically, they have a sound that echoes such Village People songs as "Macho Man" and "YMCA." Hagibis, however, doesn't have the gay sexual attitude that Village People flaunted, and Hagibis' music covers a variety of conventional topics, though presented in a campy manner. Hugibis' "Legs," for example, goes to dramatic lengths to discuss a woman's sexy legs. When performing live, Hagibis was known for campy stage routines based on movements done by the Village People. The songs on this compilation contain many interesting arrangements, all infused with dramatic and energetic horn lines that weave in and around the vocals. There are no ballads on this album. The songs are built upon a strong, incessant backbeat made to last for disco and dance. The group singing is strong and forceful, much in the manner of the Village People. The melodies are catchy, as heard in "Katawan," "Bintana" (Window), or any other song heard here, although some songs tend to sound alike. A nice enough novelty album. ~ David Gonzales, Rovi

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