Thievery Corporation

The Mirror Conspiracy

Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy

2000 | Eighteenth Street 

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All Music Guide Review

Like their debut album, Thievery Corporation's second, The Mirror Conspiracy, is a pleasant album of sublime mid-tempo trip-hop, reminiscent of easy listening groove music, and continually referencing the breezier, atmospheric side of Brazilian, Jamaican, French, and Indian forms. The nocturnal dub-poetry of "Treasures" sets a tone for the bruising basslines and echoey keys throughout the album, and "Lebanese Blonde" is another early highlight, with the graceful vocalese of Pam Bricker framing live sitar by Rob Myers and a Jamaican-style horn section. Brazil represents with a triple-shot of "Air Batucada," "So Com Voce" (with vocals from Bebel Gilberto), and "Samba Tranquille." French chanteuse Lou Lou adds a bit of downtempo continental flair on "Le Monde" and "Shadows of Ourselves," and Thievery Corporation even samples Ella Fitzgerald on the ambient-jungle closer "Tomorrow." As on their first LP, Garza and Hilton occasionally appear satisfied to just push a few grooves and reference their favorite styles of music over the top -- at the expense of any new ideas -- but The Mirror Conspiracy is excellently produced and almost as stylish as the duo's swinging suits on the cover. ~ John Bush, Rovi

The Mirror Conspiracy Track Listing

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  • 1
  • Treasures
  • 2:24
  • Sound Clip for Treasures from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 2
  • Le Monde
  • 3:11
  • Sound Clip for Le Monde from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 3
  • Indra
  • 5:22
  • Sound Clip for Indra from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 6
  • Air Batucada
  • 4:46
  • Sound Clip for Air Batucada from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 7
  • So Com Voce
  • 2:47
  • Sound Clip for So Com Voce from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 11
  • Illumination
  • 4:38
  • Sound Clip for Illumination from The Mirror Conspiracy

  • 13
  • Tomorrow
  • 3:43
  • Sound Clip for Tomorrow from The Mirror Conspiracy

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