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Hesher (born Chip Love) is full of stories, yet a dangerous slicer and dicer when it comes to checking the rhyme. His self-titled debut is wry with punk rock thrash and trippin' hip-hop. It bursts with energy and the skankin' kids do have a little soul and a little heart. Guest artists on Self-Titled Debut include the Deftones' Chino Moreno, Everlast, Bad Brains, and rapper Biz Markie. Songs such as "Crazy American Cheese Sandwiches" and "Lighter Thief" make for a comical listen, slightly rude like Detroit's foul-mouthed rapper Kid Rock. But that's Hesher's plan: To be able to poke fun while cutting a hard rhythm, and sharing stories with a bit of honesty. ~ MacKenzie Wilson, Rovi

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