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    Hits, B-Sides & the 90's

    The Seekers - Hits, B-Sides & the 90's


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    All Music Guide Review

    As part of a five-volume series presenting most of the Seekers' recordings, most of the 27 tracks on Hits, B-Sides & the 90s are indeed taken from their 1965-67 singles. The first 19 songs include all of the A- and B-sides from the ten 45s they issued during this period, except for "The Last Thing on My Mind," which is not included as it had already been an album track on their Come the Day LP. Among the cuts are all of their big hits -- "I'll Never Find Another You," "A World of Our Own," "The Carnival Is Over," "Morningtown Ride," "Georgy Girl" -- as well as some pretty fair flops and B-sides, though these aren't as memorable. The group did show an unusual bent for using spirituals on their flipsides, showing a different dimension to the act than was apparent from what listeners were likely to hear of the Seekers on the radio. Closing the disc are eight studio and concert recordings from a reunited Seekers in 1993 and 1994, and these predictably aren't nearly as interesting as the rest of the CD, with some slick modern instrumentation diluting the group's trademark crystalline pop-folk sound. That material does, however, include unexpected cover versions of the Everly Brothers' "Devoted to You" and Peter, Paul & Mary's "Puff (The Magic Dragon)." By virtue of including all of their hits, this comes close to being a best-of compilation, but unless you're collecting all five volumes of this particular series, you'd be better off in that regard with an anthology more consciously aimed toward collecting their most popular stuff. This particular disc, for one thing, is missing the Seekers tracks Paul Simon co-wrote with Bruce Woodley, such as "Red Rubber Ball" and "I Wish You Could Be Here." Hits, B-Sides & the 90s was included as one of the discs in Australian EMI's Complete Seekers box set, which contains all five volumes of the series. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

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